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What is mediation?

The purpose of mediation is to facilitate communication between disputing parties when there has been a breakdown in a relationship. The result is a more amicable, non-contentious resolution costing less than litigation.

At the heart of mediation is the mediator. Whilst the role of a solicitor is to negotiate on behalf of their client, the mediator is a completely independent third-party. The mediator's job is to help broker agreements between all parties by enabling discussion and constructive dialog within a neutral environment.

The mediator however will not tell either party what to do and cannot advise. The ultimate responsibility for a solution will always lie on the parties, with the mediator assisting the process.

When should I mediate?

The primary reason for mediation should be to avoid lengthy court cases and reduce the costs associated with litigation. The agreements are often more amicable and non-contentious, putting less stress and pressure on the parties involved.

Why choose FLK Solicitors to mediate?

A successful resolution relies on a competent mediator. Our accredited mediator is a family and litigation expert with over thirteen years in the legal profession.  She has experience in all areas of family law including children and financial settlement after relationship breakdown.  We offer competitive rates in and around the East London area.

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