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By offering a personal service, we are able to understand our clients and their family and what is most important to them. We conduct preparation of Wills, including planning for Inheritance and Capital Gains Tax to ensure the most efficient methods to transfer wealth to following generations. We also are able to perform division of estates and are happy to act as Executors and Trustees, always with the utmost sensitivity and our condolences.

Additionally we are able to offer wide ranging advice on the following areas:

- Wills 
- Capital Gains Tax 
- Inheritance Tax 
- Lasting Powers of Attorney 
- Appointment and retirement of trustees 
- Creation, administration and termination of trusts 
- Deeds of Variation of Wills 
- Probate and estate administration 
- Deputyship and other Court of Protection applications and administration 
- Statutory Wills

All fees are agreed prior to work being undertaken. For more information on our fees please click here.